Electric rent-a-cars to go …

The Autolib’ joins the Velib’ as the latest Parisian answer to individual (mass) transport.

The official site gives you an idea how it works (in English, no less).

I nice touch: Pininfarina design.

What do you think?

This is incredible. When will NYC ban free street parking for private cars? When will we create car- and bike-shares? When will there be wider bike lanes? 

NYC is about 4 years behind Paris and other livable green cities. So I guess in 2015 we will see street innovation.



Have you seen what Joplin looks like on Google Maps?

Incredible, and sad.

Meet Me at the Plaza

A 50-year-old bargain between the city and private developers gave New York hundreds of potentially useful spaces, but it clearly needs revising.

Read this!


Who is public space for? Streets and squares were designed for people, historically for gathering, for walking, for access, for assembly. Yes, they were meant for passage, but what societies proudly use them to demonstrate state control?

Has the world changed so much that authorities now believe the passage of vehicles is their only legitimate purpose?

To whom do the streets belong? Scores of drivers or thousands of protesters? Public citizens, or the public corporations that own surrounding buildings?

photo by Eduardo Munoz/Reuters via aberjona

There is no city in the world that lives its daily life so closely linked to a dream as does Tehran. This might sound strange, because Tehran is an ugly city.